Influência do Jazz


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“Influência do Jazz” features many of the world class jazz musicians who have played with me during my career as a singer of jazz and Brazilian standards. Wayne Wilentz, “the Maestro,” is the central player, tireless mentor, and musical director for this project. The dazzling cast of featured musicians are Richard Miller, Leonardo Lucini, Alejandro Lucini, David Jernigan, Jim West, Roberto Santos, Mark Prince, Marty Nau, Matvei Sigalov, James King, Catherine Bent, Tommy Cecil, Chris Battistone, Alfredo Mojica, David Kane, Drew Gress, Charlie Byrd and Mike Smith. Of historical interest is the track featuring celebrated guitarist, Charlie Byrd. Tommy Cecil, Charlie Byrd and I recorded "Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar" in 1993 with Bob Dawson at Bias Studios in Springfield, Va. This recording has never been released prior to this pressing. Also recorded at Bias by Bob Dawson during this same period are Insensatez and Embarcação. Dindi and Influência do Jazz were recorded by Dani Cortaza at InTune Studio in Hyattsville, Md. The remaining tunes were recorded at Gizmo Studio, Silver Spring, Md. All the tunes were mixed by Gantt Kushner with the exception of Embarcação which was recorded and mixed by Bob Dawson. Mastering done by Wolf Productions. Photos of Maija by Darwyn M. Dave.

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